Library Policies

All citizens of Princeton and Caldwell County are encouraged to become customers of the George Coon Public Library.  This privilege extends to citizens outside of Caldwell County.  We do not charge a fee for membership; however, we do require a name, address, and phone number of applicant.  Minors’ application can be filled out by parent/guardian.  Please observe and respect our patron policies for services offered:

  • Books and back issues of magazines are checked out for two weeks, as are CD’s. However, DVD’s are only checked out for 48 hours.


  • We do not charge overdue fees on books, DVD’s, CD’s or magazines, however, we expect patrons to return books on time. After materials are 2 months overdue, a notice will be sent to patron reminding them of their overdue items.  After a second notice, if patron still has not returned books or materials, their privileges will be revoked.


  • Patrons will be required to pay for lost or damaged books. Price will depend on replacement cost. Patrons will not be allowed to check out any other items until the lost/damaged fine is paid.


  • Books may be renewed either in person or by telephone.


  • Best-selling books may be put on reserve for patron on a first come, first serve basis.


  • If a patron has overdue books, no other books may be checked out until an arrangement is made to return the overdue books. Also, computer usage is limited if a patron has overdue books.


  • Patrons may not check out on other person’s account.


  • If books cannot be located in the library, the library encourages the use of our Interlibrary Loan service. If a book is located within state, no postage cost is needed, however, if book has to be ordered out of state, patron will be charged $1.50 for book.


  • The due date is set by the lending library and permission will have to be made with lending library for an extended check out time.


  • Genealogy, rare books, or reference books may not be checked out, nor can they be borrowed from another library.


  • E Books service allows patrons with hand held devices to download hundreds of books via the internet. Patrons will need to register with the library’s tech staff member who in turn will guide patron in the set up to allow this service to become available to patron.


  • A $5.00 deposit is required to check out test books. The money is refunded when book is returned to library.


  • Patrons that are home bound can request outreach service. Staff will deliver books to the patron’s home and then will pick them up when patron is finished.


  • For patrons with sight or physical impairment, they can request service through the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped branch of the Ky. Dept. for Libraries and Archives. Contact the Director for applications and instructions.


  • First time check out for a new patron has a limit of one book per person. After the prompt return of that book, more can be checked out.


  • There is a limit of 3 books on one subject in the nonfiction section (ex: 3 books on dogs).


  • There is no limit on paperback books for check out.


  • Only 2 DVD’s per household can be checked out. They are due in 48 hours.


  • An after-hour’s metal book drop is available at the back of the library. Also, a drive-thru window is available during regular library hours for returns.  It is located on the north side of the library in the alley.



Computer and Internet Use Policies


Patrons must read and sign a Computer Use Agreement form.


Children 12 and under will be allowed to use computers only if a parent/guardian is present.  Children 13-17, will be allowed to use computers without a parent present.  Anyone under 18, must have a parent/guardian sign the Internet access/computer use agreement first.


Disclaimer:  The Internet is a global entity with no control of users or content, therefore, available resources may contain material of a controversial, offensive or illegal nature.  Patrons use library computers and/or access  of the Internet at their own risk and responsibility.  The Library is not responsible for any lost or damage suffered as a result of using the public computers.


First Amendment Rights:  Computers use filtering software to limit the chances of accidental public display of offensive material and to block access to information that the library has determined is inconsistent with its mission.  We are governed by the anti-pornography clauses of KRS 531.020 (1)(C)(4) and KRS 531,030 (1)(B).


User Responsibility:  Patrons will not misuse or cause damage to computers.  This includes interfering with network operations.


  • If you print it, YOU PAY FOR IT. Cost is 25 cents ($.25) a page, no exceptions!


  • Computer privileges are First come, First serve.


  • Patrons are limited to two (2) one hour sessions a day. Each session requires a pin number to log in.  Pin numbers are given to patrons at circulation desk after patron has been signed in.



  • The display of obscene materials on the computers will result in suspension of computer privileges for one month. A second incident by the patron will result in suspension of privileges for six months.  A third incident will result in computer privileges being permanently revoked.


  • Cell phones may not be used at computers. However, they can be used in front foyer.


  • The computers are equipped with the program CleanSlate which wipes the computer after each session. This means patrons will not be able to save any type of document, picture, file, etc. to the computer.  Patrons are encouraged to bring a USB flash drive to use if wishing to save any files.  If a patron needs to save a file but does not have a USB flash drive with them, they are available for purchase at the front desk for a cost of $3.00 each.


  • Computer training will not be offered by library staff.


  • One person per computer at a time with exception of a parent/guardian for a patron 12 or under.


  • Computers shut down by staff by 4:30 p.m.


  • Computers will be monitored at all times. Staff can end computer usage at any time.


  • No shirt, no shoes, no computer use!


  • Patrons with children should keep control of children at all times; children should sit quietly, no screaming, or running from upstairs to downstairs. If computer user cannot keep child/children under control, they will be asked to leave so as not to disrupt other patrons using computers.


Patrons are allowed to bring in their laptops, and any other hand held devices in order to use our wireless services.  However, they must register at front desk first.